At Green Rose we believe being accountable and taking responsibility for finance and human resources is paramount to developing and maintaining a professional business approach. Being focused and having clarity in providing a high standard through adhering to the regulations required by the registration will provide a safe and positive outcomes for the people who use the service.

It is important to have clarity about the role and functions of the organisation and the people who are employed within the service. We are passionate about engaging the stakeholders in providing feedback about the quality of the service. In addition Green Rose realises that auditing of the service is an essential means to development and improving the service.

We believe that that being transparent is at the heart of what we do. Using evidence- based practices, managing risk and making decision which has a positive effect for the people who use the service is key to what we do.

Having an effective communication and information system combined with a comprehensive training package and motivating staff is important to valuing its staff and providing a good quality of service.