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Our Services

The Green Rose Team has a wide range of expertise and experience in providing services for people with a variety and combination of needs in different settings and specialises in developing bespoke support packages and housing solutions tailored specifically to each person’s needs.

We refuse to categorise the people we support by defining them according to a particular service label. Real life is not one dimensional but multi-dimensional.  Our intelligent and genuinely interactive service will respond, change and evolve continually with people’s changing needs and lives.

Described under the headings are some of the areas of expertise we can draw upon to develop individual support packages. These are by no means exhaustive and visitors to this site are encouraged to get in touch to discuss specific requirements.

Contact Green Rose to find out how we can help find you a solution that meets your needs.

E mail   enquiries@greenrosecare.co.uk.

Tel: 01473 381 440