Housing Solutions

Green Rose recognises that for most people, including people with learning disabilities, their living circumstances are what matters to them.

Supported living might best be thought of not as a single model, but as a range of residential alternatives for people with learning disabilities however central to all alternatives is living in YOUR own home be it owned or rented.

Through a commitment to empowering people to become fulfilled citizens in their local community Green Rose will help find a home or housing solution suitable for individual needs which might include making adaptions or using technology to help with daily living.

Green Rose will work with the individual person and their Case Managers or Commissioners to facilitate a suitable accommodation for the individual.

We recognise the need for a better range in supply and match of need and type of service for people with a learning disability so Green Rose will work with existing or preferred housing providers or provide accommodation through a network of partner organisations including self- contained independent flats or apartments.

Green Rose philosophy is about providing a tailor made housing solution to people with a learning disability in local areas. The aim is to provide small environments, either sharing a home with a small number of other people, or living independently.

Contact Green Rose to find out how we can help find you a solution. Email: enquiries@greenrosecare.co.uk