Learning Disability Service

Supporting people with learning disabilities

At Green Rose we believe that people should be citizens in the community in which they live. They should have support to engage in their community and to develop as an individual. Green Rose support community presence and social inclusion.

Individual lifestyle planning

Some people have very clear ideas about what they want from life, why they want it and how they will achieve their plans. Others may have dreams and some people may not have any idea of what they want. This is what makes us unique beings.

Like people with learning disabilities, no one person is in complete control of all events in their life and some people may require support whilst others may be independent and achieve their goals with no support.

At Green Rose, we understand these principles, so work with people to ascertain what they want and from this develop a plan to support these people in both their aspirations and needs. So key to supporting people is helping people with a learning disability to have ‘power’ within a relationship and not for Green Rose to have ‘power’ over the individual.

We advocate a voice for the individual in both health and social care requirements. Green Rose put in place support and interventions that will assistant the individual to attain their dreams and to life a meaningful life.


Some people with a learning disability may be able to self-advocate given the chance. Others may need people to support them by either helping them to voice their opinions or by speaking on their behalf. At Green Rose we believe that people have a right to be heard and we promote and encourage this at all times.


Being involved and having a presence is important for people with a learning disability as this develops people’s confidence and self-esteem. People will feel valued which will then have a positive impact on their lifestyle and outlook of life. We promote inclusion at Green Rose; if individuals have limited skills in this area we will support and guide them to developing and improving their skills.

Positive risk management in the delivery of support & care

At Green Rose we believe people learn through taking risk. Living is a risk, so positive risk taking is paramount to learning new skills. Green Rose will provide guidance in this area including full information to people and how this will impact on their life and others.

Informed consent is a key principle to Green Rose.