At Green Rose we believe in valuing our staff. Paramount to this is supporting each staff to have sound training and to gain relevant qualifications. The key principle, is a comprehensive training and development package for each staff, so they can carry out their role effectively and deliver a high quality of service for the people who use the service.

Green Rose aims to have an excellent staff retention rate therefore will provide a structured learning and development plan for the staff team aligned to the support need of the people who use the service, we believe this will make the staff feel valued and supported hence they will be more likely to remain in their post.

We believe the key factors underlying the strength of the company’s training include:

  • An annual training package for all staff comprising of a mix of mandatory and additional specific training which relative to the service’s needs.
  • Majority of training is designed and delivered in-house to ensure relevance and quality.
  • Training needs are identified through supervisions and the managers’ observations, and informed by anonymous reporting of adverse events, with reports analysed monthly and additional training provided as required.
  • Staff will be ‘leaders’ in specific areas, such as safeguarding, autism, active support person centred planning etc. they will help to deliver training and ensure it is implemented within the workplace. This role provides a progression route for staff’s development.
  • Additional specialist training in areas of interest to staff and wider skills development, such as music, reflexology etc. which can be transferred to practice as part of the social activities with service users.