Making a Difference

Green Rose is committed to empowering people to become fulfilled citizens in their local community by helping them find a home or providing them with a housing solution and personal assistance suitable for their needs.

The Green Rose team are specially trained to assist people in their homes and to access services in the community to help develop their skills and promote independence.

Green Rose will arrange or provide whatever assistance is necessary for a person to enjoy quality of life in a home of their choosing.

Having a home guarantees a place in the community and is how people are accepted as equal citizens.

This is our aim at Green Rose.

Belonging to a community means using local services and becoming members by helping out locally and using local community amenities.

Green Rose staff are trained to work with people and their families, building trust and confidence, increasing knowledge and skills, and changing attitudes. Through careful listening and implementation, Green Rose understands personal aspirations and interests, and develops a support service centred and planned around an individual, leaving them in control. Supporting people to aim for their aspirations in life and having goals is a paramount principle of Green Rose.

Green Rose is a dynamic provider of a responsive service that will change as the requirements of the individual change, this is a real promise to keep on supporting a person to have a good quality of life.